Interesting new features and enhancements for Layer 7 API Gateway version 11.0 CR1

The Layer 7 API Gateway version 11.0 CR1 has some very interesting new features and enhancements that are of interest to our users.

There are of course multiple very technical enhancements, but especially the new deployment tool (Graphman) that is now Generally Available (GA) will help every organization to dramatically speed up the deployment of new Gateways, update large amounts of existing Gateways and get inventory reports for groups of gateways which will greatly reduce the amount of audit effort that is normally required.

Other enhancements include:

  1. Kafka Consumer Gateway now supports consumers in the Kafka modular assertion. Consumer support for Kafka allows you to consume messages and process data from Kafka topics.
  2. Enhanced OpenAPI Specification Support. This release of Gateway replaces the existing swagger-parser library with Atlassian’s swagger-request-validator library. This adds support for:
    1. Header Validation
    2. Query Parameter Validation
    3. Strict Mode Validation (for Query Parameters)
    4. Direct validation of OpenAPI Document/Schema
    5. Polymorphism and more

On top of these new GA features released in CR1, the Broadcom development team has implemented interesting non GA features like GraphQL support as well as support for external Datastores.

These new features can be tested after consultation with Broadcom and your Enable U experts.

Please find the full releasenotes here.