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Enable U, as an integration specialist, makes it possible to keep your Composable Business as agile as possible by seamlessly connecting existing data and functions from different internal and external information systems in a fast, secure way.

This allows you to multiply the value of your (business) data and functions in a fast, secure, reliable way by making it accessible anywhere safely, at the right time and for the right applications.

Digital ecosystems are becoming increasingly digitally intertwined.

The advent of IoT, AI algorithms and, in general, the trend towards APIs will increase the need for well-functioning, secure and managed integrations within your organization. The trend towards specialisation/focus of organizations on the core business means that more and more services will be taken away externally, but these will still have to be (digitally) embedded in your existing business processes. In addition, each organization strives to offer its own core business as a building block at any time and in any place where it might add value.

All these developments lead to the increasing strategic importance of achieving fast, high-quality and safe integrations.

Enable U has merged its portfolio of integration solutions and specialist services into an integration platform ‘As a Service’. As a result, each organization can easily make its services available to chain partners through APIs.

We realize and manage working, safe integrations. For you, this means a single point of contact, up to 24-hour support with functional and technical management and a well-functioning chain.

You focus on your services, we secure connections.


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