The success of your security policy starts with the right integration strategy.

Today, more services than ever are conducted online and more valuable information than ever is exchanged: within organizations, but also beyond the boundaries of the organisation.

Smart sensors and ‘Internet of Things’ will also increase the amount of digital data that organizations will be experiencing in the coming years. This means that data increasingly has to be accessed from systems for new applications. Whether this data is in legacy systems, disparate databases, or the cloud, everything needs to be put together.

The more complex the application landscape, the greater the challenge of managing and optimally securing this messaging. That is precisely why it is important to implement a proper integration strategy.

You want to keep your data safe and manageable in the future.

This starts with the right integration strategy. Now more than ever, it is crucial to manage your information flows in an integral way, rather than at the application or link level.


Whitepaper: The success of your security policy starts with the right integration strategy.

In this whitepaper we take a closer look at the implications of linking systems and applications. What challenges are involved in this? What effect does cloud have on current processes? And how can we optimally protect data at the same time and prevent the various links from cluttering the architecture?

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