Data Integration

Data only becomes information by making smart connections

What is data integration?

Combining data from different applications, systems and platforms, both internally and externally, leads to information that creates new insights. Only with the right information can we create the business intelligence that leads to a more complete customer view, better insight into the service and the actual reasons for a good or bad performance become really clear.

Many organizations opt for an operational datastore (ODS) where all this data comes together. With Enable U’s integration solutions you will be able to link all kinds of data sources to operational datastores or to fill, modify or query a data-lake.

With our technology it is possible to extract data from a wide variety of sources (Extract), convert it into any desired format (Transform) and load it into the desired environment (Load). This ETL functionality can be implemented both locally and from the Cloud (IPaaS). So you can make better decisions based on complete and up-to-date information.

Enable U

Data Integration

It is crucial for every organization that relevant data is easily accessible and can be combined.

By integrating data, organizations can merge data in one central place, data becomes easier to track, modify and query, and it also offers a high degree of flexibility.Of course it is possible to obtain integrations in its entirety ‘as a Service’, including security and management. In this case, all your data for ETL purposes will be made accessible via Managed Integrations. Please feel free to contact us to find out more about our data integration!


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