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Our application integration solutions. Many of your applications share the same information. Or better said, they should.

Instead, your applications probably store the same data multiple times or work with imports and exports to make sure that your CRM system is somewhat in synch with your Marketing Cloud application and that your Sales Forecasting data is more or less aligned with data in your finance system.

Application integration is key for Digital Transformation, after all, your business processes are not defined as silo’s, so why should your applications behave in that way? Application integration also solves problems like ownership of data, it helps turning data from different sources into information that is necessary to make business decisions and application integration help enterprises to be better prepared for unexpected events.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) doesn’t solve the problem

And just when you thought that an ERP solution would solve this once and for all, you realize that your applications exchange a lot of data / information with applications and systems that live in the world outside your company walls.

Good examples are applications from partners, supply-chains, integrations with government services (like DigID) and applications from banks and insurance companies. Application integration is key if you want your enterprise to be part of a well integrated ecosystem.

Where there is interconnectivity, there is a need for digital integration of applications and systems. Integrated system helps businesses and organizations to make faster decisions, offer a better customer– and employee experience and, most important, make IT more efficient and flexible.

You can of course opt to create, implement and monitor these digital integrations yourself using the latest (RestAPI) technology or an ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) if you need to connect to legacy enterprise applications that do not support the RestAPI protocol.

However, you need different software solutions and specialists to do this in a structured and reliable way. With the current shortage of experienced IT staff, this may prove to be a challenge. And if you already have the IT specialists, it may be challenging to keep them. If you still want your staff to be in control of all your application integration initiatives, you can also choose to acquire these “Integration tools” as a Service (iPaaS).

The software can be delivered ‘on premises’ or used as a managed service and thanks to the integration specialists from Enable U, you do not have to worry about the implementation, upgrades and monitoring.

With the pressure on the labor market for IT specialists, many enterprises and organizations are looking at selective outsourcing. Enable U offers Connections as a Service to let you do exactly that for digital integrations. You decide which applications you want to connect and which data you need to exchange and we build, run, secure and manage the connection for you.

Fully functional links and integrations completely “as a Service” from the Cloud, including 24/7 monitoring and management by Enable U.

So your staff can concentrate on other important things while the specialists from Enable U relieve you from the burden of application integration.

Application Integration


Enable U Integration Platform

Managed Integrations

To benefit immediately from the Enable U Cloud integration platform, we have fully functioning, Managed Integrations available for immediate use already. And if we have not already built one, you simply let us know which applications you need us to connect or which 3rd party services you want to integrate and we will create it for you.

With Managed Integrations, you simply subscribe to secure, well-managed, working digital integrations “as a Service”. And while you have detailed insight through an easy to use Managed Integrations Dashboard, we take care of operational management and security. So you can relax in the knowledge that your connections are safeguarded by Enable U integration experts.

Application Integration

Enable U

Integration Infrastructure

Managed Private Integrations Platform

Managed Integrations on a fully exclusive “dedicated” environment for your own organization is also possible. We call this “Managed Private Integrations”.  In this case, you purchase a dedicated, fully configured, managed and secure integration infrastructure “as a Service”. Enable U still takes care of all the management tasks while you have a complete in-depth overview of the digital connections that you have implemented to integrate your applications via the Managed Integrations Dashboard.

If you want total control over your own integration infrastructure and develop your own integrations with your own people, Enable offers you ‘best in class’ integration software that you can purchase both’ as ​​a Service ‘(IPaaS) and’ on premises ‘.

Please feel free to contact us, if you want to know more about our application integration solutions!

IpaaS vs Managed Integrations

Comparing Managed Integrations to iPaaS

When connectivity issues between applications prevent you from responding quickly to new market conditions, which solution is best for your organization? Read our comparison paper between iPaaS and Managed Integrations.

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