API Security Done Right

The Salt Security API Protection Platform secures the APIs at the heart of all your modern applications. The platform collects API traffic across your entire application landscape and makes use of AI/ML and a cloud-scale API data lake to discover all your APIs and their exposed data, stop attacks, and eliminate API vulnerabilities with remediation insights learned during runtime.

APIs are a top target

APIs are built expressly to share a company’s most valuable data and services. That makes them a lucrative target for bad actors. We’ve already hit the tipping point – APIs are now THE way in.

Salt & Enable U

The Integration Experts from Enable U deliver the API’s that not only integrate your applications and processes we do so by offering you digital connectivity the way you want it. And we make sure they are managed and secure. That is why we work with Salt so you can relax and reap all the benefits of a safe, secure and reliable integrated IT infrastructure

What sets Salt apart is the ability to analyze your API traffic over days, weeks, and even months, applying cloud scale and mature algorithms to deeply understand your API traffic.

We see more than anyone else, so we stop more attacks than anyone else.

Better discovery

With smart aggregation of APIs vs. a long list of duplicated endpoints.

Better threat protection

With insights spanning months of API usage patterns to spot and stop more attack attempts.

Better API hardening

With detailed remediation guidelines based on attackers’ minor successful exploits.