RapidAPI Market place

RapidAPI is an API market place where APIs can be published and consumed.

Possibilities for automatic onboarding with accompanying contracts and SLAs are included and it is possible to monetize your APIs via subscriptions, vouchers or afterwards (per call).

You have something to offer and want others to use your APIs. You may want to generate additional revenue by using your APIs. Or maybe you want to use other APIs to make your application or mobile app even more attractive.

Your website or mobile app is good enough, but there is always room for improvement. Unfortunately, your developers are too busy to write the code for facial recognition, for example, to make your app more secure or to build in that simple check on a valid email address. Perhaps you are thinking about SMS verification to better facilitate your older users? Maybe you’ve developed a brilliant API that can implement a business turnaround and want as many companies worldwide as possible to adopt it.


The possibilities of RapidAPI

With over 1 million developers already using the RapidAPI Marketplace, you can quickly find the API you are looking for.

The API marketplace can also be used and configured specifically for organizations that want to make their own APIs available to the outside world in a controlled manner. You will be given the opportunity to add your corporate identity and logo and to make use of the extensive management and testing options.

Together with iBasis, Enable U has placed a collection of APIs in its own API Marketplace that are specific to the Telco industry. With the API expertise of Enable U in combination with the RapidAPI Marketplace infrastructure, this can be implemented in just a few days.

API developers get a complete overview of the users of their APIs and the users of APIs can see exactly which APIs they are all using. Both groups of course have access to an extensive dashboard with information about billing, performance and user management. Thanks to the Enable U experience and the powerful capabilities of the Rapid API marketplace, you are able to quickly expand or offer your services to the world.


Building an Enterprise API Program – RapidAPI

Read the RapidAPI whitepaper.


Building next-generation API platforms with RapidAPI

Read the RapidAPI whitepaper.

Additional information about Rapid API can be found here.


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