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OpenTunnel is an enterprise service bus solution with facilities specifically for the Dutch government.

Over 160 Dutch municipalities and other government organizations rely on OpenTunnel every day. The specific facilities are expressed in support for DigiLink, support for the StUF standard and support for recent API developments.

OpenTunnel can be used as a pure DigiKoppeling (Dutch) adapter or as a service bus including DigiKoppeling. All kinds of services can be linked to OpenTunnel, such as a business warehouse, data warehouse, DMS, data distribution system or another messaging/service bus solution.

OpenTunnel can serve multiple organizations simultaneously (multi-tenant) and is extremely scalable and is therefore suitable for SaaS solutions and partnerships. OpenTunnel is currently THE service bus for the Dutch government.

Reliable Messaging and DigiKoppeling

DigiKoppeling (formerly the Government Service Bus) is the ‘postman’ for the government. DigiKoppeling consists of a set of standards for electronic messaging between government organisations. By adopting these eGovernment standards, you can exchange digital messages with fellow government organizations.

National Facilities use DigiKoppelingl to exchange data with municipalities and partnerships. In addition to DigiLink based on ebMS 2.0, OpenTunnel also supports other forms of Reliable Messaging such as AS2, AS4 and AMQP Messaging.

Each service can provide a reliable delivery via a retry mechanism and insight into the monitor function.

OpenTunnel connects your internal systems with key registers, national facilities such as:

  • OmgevingsLoket Online (OLO)​
  • Landelijke voorziening WOZ​
  • Nieuw HandelsRegister (NHR)​
  • Digitaal Stelsel Omgevingswet​
  • Digilevering​
  • MijnOverheid​
  • GBA-V
  • Digipoort​
  • KOOP, Gemeentelijke Gegevens Knooppunt etc.


OpenTunnel is the only product that fully supports the Digikoppeling standard in an integral way. Everything is integrated in one ESB!


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