Layer 7 API Gateway

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What is an API Gateway?

Exposing your APIs in a secure way? The Layer7 API Gateway is the most secure and leading solution to secure APIs.

The solution is scalable, extensible and powerful to support high message loads. The Layer7 API Gateway is the solution to connect your data and applications in any combination of cloud, container or on-premise environments in the most secure and efficient way possible.

The Layer7 API Gateway is developed to securely unlock your data to mobile apps, cloud services and SaaS applications. The Layer7 API Gateway is available as a standalone solution or as part of the Layer7 API Management Platform, which allows organizations to configure, manage, document and monitor both private and public API’s.

The Gateway can protect applications exposed as web services, connect applications across security and identity domains, and validate policy compliance end-to-end across a transaction.


Reduced costs

The Layer7 API Gateway makes it possible for organizations to make better use of their investments in existing applications.

With Layer7, you are able to configure new API s on existing applications instead of constantly adjusting the code of these systems. In addition, it is also possible to re-use or combine APIs, to help you create new services and opportunities much faster. All APIs in one place, fully secured, verifiable and re-useable.


Improved security

The Layer7 API Gateway protects all APIs against DDOS attacks, external threats and inappropriate access through the built-in security policies and XML firewall functions. The API developer portal allows external developers to use your APIs quickly, easily and, if desired, securely for a fee. This helps you to enter new markets with ease.



The Layer7 API Gateway makes it very easy to scale. It is possible to use extensive parameters per API about the maximum number of calls, the load per minute or second, the performance, error handling and much more. The Layer7 API Gateway is also available as a container and fits perfectly in a scalable enterprise environment that is fully automated. Deployment of new APIs through the use of CI / CD pipelines is also possible supported.

More information about Broadcom/Layer 7 API Gateway ? Read the whitepapers below.


API 360: The Complete API Strategy Model for the Enterprise


Protecting Your API’s Against Attack and Hijack

The Layer7 API Gateway enables you to transform legacy systems, connect different cloud- and on-premise architectures and apply consistent security and governance across your APIs.

Read more about the features of the Layer7 API Gateway here.


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