Adeptia Connect

Enterprise-class integration platform

Whether B2B integration, cloud-to-cloud integration, other cloud-based application integration, or real-time Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Adeptia Connect is a business integration solution that can meet all of your integration needs.

Adeptia Connect provides a simple user interface to manage all remote connections and data interfaces for your business. It provides self-service partner onboarding that allows business users of your company and your partners outside of your company to set up, view, and manage data connections with each other.

In addition, this business application integration solution is a godsend for companies that provide data-driven services, especially in an integrated cloud environment, such as payroll and benefits providers, marketing services companies integrating data from multiple sources, third-party administrators and claims service providers in the insurance industry, billing and debt collectors in the financial sector, healthcare and even distributors in manufacturing and retail.

Three roles principle

With Adeptia Connect, the three main roles for integrating applications and processes are uniquely brought together. The IT user role takes care of creating the integration flows and prepares them as a template. In this way, the business user is able to click together and activate the integration based on a simple template.

Partners (also outside the organization) with whom a connection is made can also monitor message traffic via the portal functionality. Enable As an integration specialist, you can perfectly fulfill the role of IT user, so that we prepare and deliver the integrations and you as a business user can focus on your own business processes.


With the unique portal functionality in Adeptia Connect, business (non-IT) partners can quickly and securely define integrations between B2B applications without being held up by IT bottlenecks. This allows data from partners and customers to be retrieved and integrated 80% faster.

Adeptia Connect enables integration in a few clicks and shifts complex integration work from IT to business users, while maintaining IT management and available for tasks requiring specialist IT knowledge.

Accelerates Customer Onboarding and improves customer experiences

Organizations traditionally use onboarding solutions that take 8 to 18 weeks to integrate customer or partner connections into digital ecosystems. Thanks to the very user-friendly self-service portal of Adeptia Connect, business users can create connections themselves without the intervention of IT.

With the prebuilt and tested connections, even non-technical users can add data from other systems or applications without the usual weeks of expensive coding, scripting and mapping that many businesses normally deal with. This business application integration capability enables business teams to more effectively tap into new markets and serve customers in new and innovative ways.

By reliably integrating various data sources, companies can often offer certain services more quickly and this will also lead to positive financial results more quickly. Thanks to Adeptia Connect, these integrations can be realized quickly and easily.

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Faster service through automation

The business integration software automates 90% of onboarding tasks and reduces the onboarding time of, for example, partners and / or new customers by 80%. Faster service delivery makes it easier for organizations to do business. Read more about Adebtia here


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