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Managed Integrations

The number of integrations will increase explosively in the coming years.

Due to the digitization of services, the rise of Internet of Things and ongoing integration of value chains, the number of integrations is increasing enormously.

With Managed Integrations, you place integration issues where they belong; in the hands of the integration specialist, whilst keeping overview and control of your integration flows with clear dashboards. Connected quickly and securely, managed professionally.

Managed Integrations are fully managed, preconfigured integrations between different information systems, including a high level of security for the configured integrations and connections. Of course, all our certified cloud solutions are based on proven ESB and API technology.


The Key Benefits of Managed Integrations

Managed Integrations offers you a total solution that enables you to realize and manage your connections quickly and effectively. Without unforeseen costs.

With Managed Integrations, you purchase fully managed connections between different information systems. We provide integrations between all known applications and many sector-specific links for the government sector, (semi) government facilities and educational institutions.

You keep the overview and control while you place the realization and management of your integration (components) in the hands of the specialist.

Cloud Connector

The messagetraffic between your organisation and Enable U must be properly protected. If your organisation already has a supply with API Gateway functionality, this can be used perfectly. If your organisation does not (yet) have this, Enable U can supply the Cloud Connector for this.

The Enable U Cloud Connector is a lightweight API Gateway that acts as a digital port guard between Enable U and your organisation’s environment. The Enable U Cloud Connector is installed with the customer and has all the necessary functionalities to secure the message traffic between Enable U and your organisation with PKIO certificates.


Hoe can we Enable you with Managed Integrations?

You can start immediately.
It’s very simple. Indicate which information systems you want to integrate together, or with which government facility. Is your desired connection not listed? No problem, we provide all connections.

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