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Safe and controlled access to data and functionality

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API Gateway

You want to bring data and applications together, securely.

Your organization wants to provide digital access to data from basic administrations and back office applications. And you also want to be able to use what others have to offer through APIs to provide the service to your customers. These accesses and connections of APIs must be well secured and well managed throughout the life cycle.


The benefits of APIs

The Enable U API Gateway allows you to secure and manage APIs in an integral way.

The API Gateway is essential within the API Management Strategy: instead of programming all possible rules in the APIs themselves, you apply those rules generically to the gateway and apply them for access to all apis whose point of entry has been delegated to the Gateway.

Enable U 2Secure secures the flow of information to and from external applications and integrates them into your business processes. Conversely, Enable U 2Secure also provides secure remote access to the services in your own application landscape. All messaging is monitored and audited. In this way, the messaging between both internal systems and external parties (e.g. National Facilities) is optimally protected.


The benefits of Enable U 2Secure

Technical standards

Integral Capabilities

Enable U 2Secure secures APIs with central access control. The gateway integreert with most IAM systems and supports OAuth / OpenID Connect, FIDO, PCI-DSS, FHIR and PSD2. In addition to these technical standards, practical interpretations such as DigID, eRecognition, eID, etc are easily supported.

Enable U 2Secure provides broad coverage for your diverse infrastructure and allows you to seamlessly bridge security standards and solutions between API-Consumers and Providers.

Business Processes

Transformation and orchestration

Enable U 2Secure offers via XSLT possibilities for transformation of messages and can of course provide connections to all possible ‘end points’.

In combination with Enable U 2Orchestrate ‘[LINK] you can ideally orchestrate business processes across different applications, build process flow logic in a simple and reusable way and perform all possible message transformations.


Add-ons for EnableU 2Secure

Enable U 2Secure. Optimal security.

Now more than ever it is of crucial importance to regulate your information flows in an integrated way. You want to keep your data safe and manageable – now and in the future.

Enable U 2Secure

We further explain the options and advantages in the API Gateway Datasheet.

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