Enable U 2Secure Digikoppeling

The favourite Digikoppeling in the Netherlands that enables secure communications between governmental organizations.

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Enable U 2Secure Digikoppeling

Secure communication between government organizations

The Enable U 2Secure Digikoppeling allows government organizations to communicate securely with each other. Thanks to the Enable U 2Secure Digikoppeling, you can connect to the Environment Desk Online (OLO), the national facility WOZ, (Current Affairs and Message Box), DSO, BAG, CORV, GGK, Digimelding, Digipoort and eBilling. The solution is now used in many municipalities, provinces, regional water authorities and ministries.


The characteristics of Enable U 2Secure Digikoppeling

The challenge

Public organisations need to exchange more and more information among themselves. Basic registrations are becoming common and all public authorities must follow suit. Facilities within the government are offered through the “Digikoppeling” standard.. The implementation of this standard requires a solid, secure and flexible solution.

The solution

The Enable U 2Secure Digikoppeling, in combination with Enable U’s proven implementation method, helps government organizations to connect quickly, effectively and at low cost to the National Facilities according to the Digikoppeling WUS and ebMS standards. In addition, we are also able to support the new HAAL Central APIs and the NLX message traffic.

The Enable U Digikoppeling is guaranteed to support all current (WUS and ebMS) and future (WSRM) interface standards for Digikoppeling. It is also a fully Drummond certified solution. This provides the highest degree of security and reliability for message traffic via the internet.

Did you know that?

The Enable U Digikoppeling can be fully functioning, implemented, tested and put into production in a few days. Other products such as Enable U 2Orchestrate are fully compatible with the Enable U Digikoppeling.

Enable U 2Secure Digikoppeling


The Enable U 2Secure Digikoppeling is part of Enable U 2Secure. Enable U 2Secure is a very comprehensive API Gateway with which the organization can secure all message traffic. This makes it possible to support Cloud and SaaS strategies, whereby systems from outside the organization are safely accessible . In addition, other connections based on SOAP, REST, FTPS, HTTPS / 2, etc. are also possible.

More information about Enable 2Secure can be found here:


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