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Classic Data Distribution using cutting edge technology.

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Governments are exchanging more and more data. This requires secure, efficient and flexible forms of data distribution

In the near future, government agencies will need to distribute data from external sources, HaalCentraal and other government sources. To derive and produce mutations and deliver the right messages in a hybrid environment, data storage in a warehouse is necessary.​

It is not only important to know that an event has taken place but also that all related data is updated in the data warehouse (at Enable U and/or other data warehouses). Enable U Data Distribution offers distribution of mutations on personal and business data as recorded in the BRP, CoC and BAG as well as other, recipient systems.



Enable U Data Distribution contains predefined subscriptions, using the Enable U data warehouse, for the purpose of deriving and producing mutations.

Data distribution can be purchased as various Managed Integrations, with subscriptions to BAG events, GBA/BRP events and KVK events.

Functionality Enable U Data Distribution


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