Managed Services

Create your scope for innovation and flexibility, while we cover the operational management and the security of your integration solutions.

Managing your integration solution is in the best hands of Enable U’s experts, allowing you to focus on your core business and business processes.

Secure and sustainable integrations are of great importance and privacy-sensitive information must be optimally protected. Data and application-integration is necessary but complex. Specialist knowledge is required to manage and maintain your integrations. It is often not possible to build or attract this specialist knowledge. Small and large organizations are increasingly opting for Enable U’s Managed Services to ensure guaranteed availability of the operation of the integration components.

Would your organization like to be able to focus more on core activities and business processes?

Or do you regularly have to deal with malfunctions and want to increase continuity? Enable U easily takes care of this management and further professionalizes it. We explain all the Enable U Managed Services scenarios in the brochure.

Flexibility in solutions

We offer a suitable solution for every organization.

Patches & Updates Package

Your integration software is always up-to-date and maximally secured with the latest patches and updates. This means you no longer have to invest in specialist knowledge or worry about unnecessary disruptions.

Reduce risk and impact

Technical Management Package

The operation of your integration software will be proactively monitored. There is a guaranteed availability of the Enable U integration software.

Improve availability of technical components

Technical + Functional Management Package

Developed integrations (processes, links, policies and services) are proactively monitored and maintained. There is guaranteed availability of all components configured on the Enable U integration software.

Guarantee continuity of your services

Proactive Regular Support

If technical and functional application management from Enable U is applied, this can be expanded with the structural commitment of an Enable U consultant through the PRO service package, providing additional management and innovations.

Expand your management capacity


With Enable U Managed Services:

Enable U Managed Services

For permanently working, secure connections.

Enable U Managed Services

For permanently working, secure connections.

Download the full description of our Managed Services Packages here.

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