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Ongoing expertise and support with Enable U’s Managed Consultancy Services.

Enable U Consultants

Our Managed Consultancy Services is designed for Enable U customers who always want to be able to rely on in-depth knowledge and technical expertise.

With Enable U Managed Consultancy Services, you have the assurance that you can always rely on our experienced consultants. They combine in-depth knowledge of your organisation with technological know-how.

Why choose Enable U Managed Consultancy Services?

Inadequate in-house expertise and knowledge of complex IT systems and their configuration results in a lack of continuity and reliability. Changes to the configuration or to the software itself require attention and maintenance, which is difficult to keep up without specialised support. Organisations may struggle to retain qualified IT staff, leading to knowledge loss and inconsistent service. Unexpected technical failures and problems increase due to a lack of proactive management and monitoring. This results in increased downtime and reduced efficiency, ultimately hurting your business operations.

Insufficient flexibility and control over IT support often results from the overloading of Internal IT teams, preventing them from responding quickly to changing business needs. Outdated systems and infrastructure hinder the ability to respond quickly and effectively to new challenges. In addition, a clear overview and direction of IT priorities is often lacking, making strategic decisions difficult to make.

Inefficiency and delays in solving critical problems stem from a lack of specialised knowledge and resources within the team. Insufficient communication and coordination between different IT departments can delay identification and resolution of problems. Outdated or inadequate systems make it difficult to respond to failures quickly and effectively.


Enable U provides Managed Consultancy Services for the Layer7 API Gateway and Boomi integration software.

Our Managed Consultancy Services consist of two main components.


Support for high-impact Functional Disruption

Our specialised staff are ready to resolve Prio1 Disruptions, including those due to functional configuration. This ensures that critical issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.

Availability of a dedicated Consultant on Fixed Days

Our consultants are available on fixed, scheduled days, at least one day a week. The specific days are determined in consultation with you. The consultant’s work covers a wide range, including development, management, project management and consultancy, with a focus on the Layer7 API Gateway or Boomi integration software.

You, as the client, are in charge of the consultant’s work package on the scheduled days. This means that you are responsible for the planning and content of the work performed by the consultant.


The benefits of Enable U Managed Consultancy Services

How does the Managed Consultancy Services programme work?

The process is simple and straightforward. We schedule an intake meeting to discuss your specific needs and expectations. Based on this, we draw up a plan, including the fixed days when the consultant is available. You report any Prio1 disruptions directly via our service management system, and we take care of them quickly and expertly.

Ready to increase your operational efficiency?

Contact us today and find out how Enable U Managed Consultancy Services can support your organisation. Our experts are ready to help you with all your challenges!

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