Healthcare institutions should offer all relevant information to the right people as efficiently as possible at the right time. In healthcare, the lack or late delivery of crucial information about a patient can make the difference between life and death. The same institutions are expected to provide the right care, often with limited budgets, when needed.

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Covid 2020

The Covid19 crisis in 2020 has again made it painfully clear that there is still much to improve. In extreme situations, but also in acquisitions, new partnerships between institutions and other unexpected events, business processes need to be adapted quickly and easily.

History, the inhibitory factor

The information systems of health institutions generally consist of a large number of applications, device-specific software that collects patient test and measurement data, and additional custom solutions.

Sometimes cloud services are already used, but often everything still goes through your own network. In order to arrive at a complete patient file or to ensure that information provided by the government ends up in the right places, data exchange between all these different systems is needed. This is still often done through specific point-to-point connections, which are created by making a direct connection between two or more systems.

New standards, legacy software

This is no longer efficient and stands in the way of the change towards a nimble and future fixed organisation. However, converting an infrastructure grown organically over years into an agile landscape consists of much more than just the selection and installation of the right tools and tools. Sometimes standard messages and connections are already used, but due to the multitude of systems, this results in a complex, difficult to maintain and unsafe tangle of connections and integrations. A new and promising standard is FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources). But this standard is not yet supported by all medical applications and connections are also needed with non-medical and government applications and facilities.

Integration platform

Enable U 2 Orchestrate allows you as healthcare institution to

All applications, not only those applications that support FHIR, can be connected by us

In this way, it becomes possible for health institutions to have all the necessary information (such as patient information) available for example connection to EHR, even if the underlying systems do not yet support the latest standards.


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