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Over the past 5 years, an high degree of interdependence between information systems and transaction chains has developed within the information architecture of the National Government.

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Chain collaborations

As a result of changing laws and regulations and active policies on data storage and management (think of the basic registrations and the higher information needs from both citizens and organizations), more and more customer-supplier relationships and chain collaborations are emerging within the Government.


By using the Enable U technology and knowledge, as a central government, you will be able to:

Complexity is the norm

One failed connection within the chain can lead to serious problems and threaten the continuity of the (digital) service to citizens and companies. When you add to this the requested speed of implementation (time-to-market) by the legislature and the fact that government ICT facilities are permanently under a magnifying glass from the ICT Review Office (BIT), it is clear that the State Government faces very complex challenges.

Overview of sector knowledge

Our sector-specific knowledge documents

The transition and transformation to the Cloud

Regular SaaS applications can only be partially applied within government institutions. After all, there is only one RDW and one UWV with its specific tasks. Moving these specific applications and infrastructure to the cloud today offers an infrastructure advantage for state governments (sharing servers etc.). A good integration solution offers the opportunity to enable a migration from the on-premise application landscape to the cloud with minimal disruption and impact for the service to third parties.

The objective within the government is very clear from the NORA (Dutch Government Reference Architecture). Don’t do things twice, if anyone knows, get the information directly from the source. In order to get to this starting point, every Government institution needs the right solutions.

Integratie within the State Government

Don’t let integration issues get in your way

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