Educational institutions are only able to become and remain agile with the right information. The Open Education API alone will not solve the integration problems that stand in the way of this agility.

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Educational institutions

It is of the utmost importance that the right information is available to the right people at all times. This includes important information like timetables, study progress and digital learning environments.

Organizational processes must be quick and easy to adapt and applications must support them as quickly as possible. This often proves to be very difficult. Something as simple as, for example, the real-time synchronization of timetable information from educational solutions such as Xedule and Eduflex with Outlook often turns out to be very complex.

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By using the technology and knowledge of Enable U you are able to:

Stamdard application software

The information systems of educational institutions generally consist of standard applications with dozens of additional customized solutions in the cloud or on-premise. In order to create a complete student file, data needs to be pulled from various systems and applications. This is still often done through specific point-to-point connections between two or more systems. The Open Education API will solve many of these issues in the future, but there will always be systems that offer no support for this standard and tailormade connections will need to be developed.

Legacy applications, without the proper integration strategy will get in the way of transforming into a nimble, flexible and future-proof organization. Converting a complex IT infrastructure into an agile landscape, consists of much more than just the selection and installation of the right toolkit. Choosing the right partner with experience and subject-matter expertise in the area of integration is key.

Overview of sector knowledge

Our sector-specific knowledge documents

Open education API

The education sector is already using standard connections and messaging. A accepted and widely used standard is the Open Education API. This Application Programming Interface (API) describes a set of definitions that enables applications to communicate with each other and exchange information. The Open Education API definition can easily be included into our integration platform, making sure these API’s can be managed in the same way as all your other integrations.

For the applications that do not yet support the Open Education API standard, the integration platform uses message transformation techniques so that they can also be connected. For example, educational institutions can provide information (such as grade and roster information) available in Apps based on the Open Education API, even if the underlying systems do not yet support this standard.

With the Enable U 2 Orchestrate integration platform, you are able to include legacy as well as modern (Rest API) configurations. When both environments are part of the same integration platform, a universal language is used which is used for communication between applications.


Curious to see how Enable U approaches the unbundling of your internal application landscape?

We explain in this eGuide.

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