Blog by Andy Sumpton

These days, APIs are at the centre of almost every business process.

They provide digital connections that make businesses functions and modern applications accessible from the outside. But are you also utilizing the strength of APIs for monitoring and automating the IT Infrastructure? 

APIs help to reduce administration overheads, let you automate provisioning and configuration tasks or extract data from the infrastructure. There are many API types. The most used API across the Broadcom AIOps suite of products is the REST API. The REST model allows you to use HTTP to take advantage of widely deployed features supported by the monitoring applications and brings many opportunities and benefits.

Using APIs with the AIOps suite made easy
In the latest version of DX Infrastructure Management, additional API enhancements strengthen the need for APIs within the monitoring domain significantly when simplifying operations—for example, extracting data from alarm policy-related operations and import (or export) MCS profiles. The information in the error messages is also updated to provide more comprehensive content. Using APIs with the AIOps suite is made easy because the API requests, responses, parameters, and content types are available in user-friendly Swagger documentation. 
APIs expose critical performance indicators
Another example of APIs playing a major role within the monitoring domain is DX NetOps Performance Management. The Highly scalable Network Performance solution offers APIs that automate provisioning which is extremely important when managing large environments. The OpenAPI (public API), an additional built-in tool, has a Query-Builder GUI that simplifies the extract data from the DX NetOps Performance Management database and integrates the DX NetOps data external applications. Again, APIs are playing a big part in monitoring, exposing critical performance indicators to wider stakeholders.
Conclusion – With the resurgence of APIs and the complexity of today’s IT environments, traditional monitoring technologies, such as SNMP, is taking more of a backseat. The Broadcom AIOps product suite can help with automating configurations tasks or automate provisioning. If you haven’t utilised the strength of APIs within your chosen monitoring tool yet, it is never too late to get started.