Integration Hero: Yauheni

Enable U is made up of individual heroes. Some work with our clients, others send invoices. Some are our first point of contact when we get a call and others work in the background to keep systems running or make new connections.

The Enable U machine works so efficiently mainly because of our many integration heroes. This series of Integration Heroes is meant to honor those individuals.

Yauheni works as Software Engineer in the Managed Integrations Modules team.

So, Yauheni, what do you actually do all day?

My current job description is creating new things, thinking about the challenging problems that we face,  and of course fixing these challenges. During the day I work over few issues, make fixes or create new functionality. Every now and then I need to upgrade my knowledge and read specific tech articles or books.

 When did you start working at Enable U?

I started working for the company in July 2022.

What did you do before joining us?

I started as an engineer specializing in optics and lasers. After that I worked in a outsourcing IT company.

What part of your current role do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy it the most to do research, explore things and of course creating new things, new solutions to challenges. 

What do you do to keep your knowledge up-to-date?

To keep my knowledge up-to-date I prefer to read books and articles. And I follow IT conferences such as JUG Ru Group, Joker, Jpoint and several others.

How would you describe Enable U as a company?

Unsimilar to other companies I’ve seen before. I definitely enjoy our cool atmosphere in the office. And our team building activities.

Work is important, but what do you do in your spare time?

I spend my free time in reading, playing board games with my wife, outdoor recreation and other things.

You recently moved to a completely new environment, this must have had a huge impact on your personal life. How did you do that and how are you doing now?

We moved to Vilnius from Belarus almost a year ago. We started life here with attempts to make new connections and friends, but we also keep in touch with mates in Belarus.

What would you like to say to your other Enable U colleagues?

Enablers, stay the good team players that we are. Always.