Integration Hero: Martin

Enable U is made up of individual heroes. Some work with clients, others send invoices. Some are our first point of contact when we get a call and others work in the background to keep systems running or make new connections.

The Enable U machine works so efficiently mainly because of our many integration heroes. This series of Integration Heroes is meant to honour those individuals.

Martin is our Manager Customer Success. This includes the support department, but he likes to take care of the entire lifecycle of our delivered products.

So, Martin, what do you actually do all day?

Customer Success is working hard to grow our support services! Every now and then, our customers have some questions about all kinds of integration problems, which we want to solve as well and as quickly as possible. The department has grown considerably and that improvement time. We use the technique as input for our knowledge and to keep us op to date.

When did you start working at Enable U?

I joined the company on December 1st 2023. So I am just here, compared to colleagues who have been working here for a long time!

What did you do before joining us?

My entire career has been dedicated to Customer Support and Engineering. Previous employers include Cybereason, Ericsson, Extreme Networks, and Fontem Ventures.

What part of your current role do you enjoy the most?

I love Customer Satisfaction. That’s what it’s all about, leaving the customer with a satisfied feeling to meet or exceed their expectations. And can be quite a job, sometimes. Because of the tough technology we are dealing with. And a lot of stakeholders.

What do you do to keep your knowledge up-to-date?

My background is mainly in any form of data transmission, but here at Enable U there is a lot to learn. That’s why I sometimes sneak into the back of the room where workshops are presented, to hear what those colleagues are talking about. I still have a few wishes for later this year, such as renewing my ITiL. Hope I can find the time for it!

How would you describe Enable U as a company?

It’s a company that thrives on pure technology. It seems simple – creating integrations. But if you look further, you will see why my colleagues work here… The technique is very interesting. Enable U is also a nice company to work for, with helpful colleagues, and we are taken care of very very well.

Work is important, but what do you do in your spare time?

I love wathing my son’s football games. Those matches can be exciting! I also love streaming video. Watching TV is not my style and I prefer watching it when it suits me 😉

What would you like to say to your other Enable U colleagues?

I am really very happy with the warm welcome. We work very hard, and Customer Success will ensure that it will all be less hectic!