We are the digital integration people.

We are Enable U, the digital integration people. We are business savvy technologists. Integration is our profession, perhaps even our passion. We take good care of our customers and their projects. From start to finish, from creation to maintenance, and including all important aspects such as governance and security. While our customers can focus on new and bright ideas to improve business or services, we take away the pain of integrating and maintaining them. Trouble-free and future proof.

We are always here.

How we work

We work with state-of-the-art software.

We work on your projects with over one hundred Enablers in multidisciplinary teams.

Our work

We operate in government, education, healthcare and utilities.

We created and maintain 5000+ secure digital integrations, ready to implement anywhere.


Since it’s foundation in 2005 by Frank Arts and Kees Neven, Enable U has become the specialist in the field of management and security of integrations at large organizations.Through the standardized approach and proven methods, with preconfigured integrations, data flows and security policies, integrations are realized faster and at a lower cost.

Unique total solution
Now that applications are purchased ‘as a Service’ from the Cloud and more and more ‘own’ systems are also placed in the Cloud, managed and secure Managed Integrations are realized via the Enable U Cloud Platform.

With this unique total solution, a subscription to working and managed connections for hybrid environments (combination on-premise / cloud) is offered. Enable U unburdens by taking care of the hardware, software, specialists and management, the customer remains in control.


Vortex: Enable U’s ambitions led to the merger in 2020 with investment partner Vortex Capital Partners, a specialized investment company that focuses on companies that apply technology to distinguish themselves. With the support of Vortex, Enable U is able to meet the rapidly growing need in the market faster, and make the efficiency improvement to be able to play a relevant role internationally.

Jnet: In 2021, Enable U acquired JNet. For years, JNet, with its own OpenTunnel product that supports all government standards, has been a reliable provider of integration solutions. With new developments, such as the Event Broker, practical use cases for governments can be realized quickly and cost-effectively.

By combining our strategic knowledge and technical knowledge in the field of digital integration, we continuously offer the flexible basis for fast incremental optimizations to your organization. Now and in the future.


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