Looking back; The Layer7 APIM User Group on November 17th

We look back on a very informative and successful Layer7 APIM User Group! Thank you to all participants and speakers.

In addition to Aran White discussing the Roadmap, the interactive sessions hosted by Sean O’Connell and Gary Vermeulen were very informative. Sean O’Connell provided insights into Broadcom API Management and Portal Refresher, Moving to the cloud with your API Gateway and experimental capabilities of the API Gateway.

Gary Vermeulen presented deep techical insights on Graphman assertions (Experimental Feature) and the program closed with a short presentation on ‘Enhancing your Audit Strategy’ by Floris Deutekom.

We as a team are very much looking forward to welcoming you to our future events. Because knowledge sharing is everything, and an idea is only valuable once it is shared.