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This is how we work

We are the digital integration people. We understand both the technical and business challenges in creating a flexible foundation to enable rapid optimisations for your organisation.

Quality, reliability and safety are paramount. We use state-of-the-art tools and methodologies and work according to the strictest norms and standards. After all, integrations are also business-critical for your organisation.


In order to make all aspects of our service as perfect as possible, we at Enable U are constantly improving our methodology. This has been built with the knowledge of decades of work experience, realising thousands of integrations, processing millions of messages per year and serving more than 300 customers.

We realise and manage working, secure integrations. For you, this means a single point of contact, 24-hour support with functional and technical management and a well-functioning chain.

5 areas of focus

Our method has 5 focus areas: getting to the bottom of your situation and question, testing and making a solution concrete, drawing up an action plan, the actual implementation, and the management phase.

Smile Emoji Klein TransparantStep 1

Understanding your needs

We know the specific challenges in your sector. We delve deeply into your organisation’s ambitions and advise you in drawing up a targeted and effective integration strategy.

With the aim of creating a solid business case and positioning the integration strategy. Crucial here is gaining support from all stakeholders.


The Objective:

Defining the integration strategy that helps you achieve your business goals and ambitions

Our business consultants, architects and project managers will visit you to discuss your requirements and identify stakeholders.

The purpose of this phase is to draw up a strategy that has support within your organisation, because it has been made clear how integration helps to create business value. The strategy includes content as well as an initial exploration of budgets and timelines.




  • Integratie Business Case
  • Integratie Volwassenheidsscan
  • Integratie strategie
  • Architectuur op hoog niveau

Smile Emoji Klein TransparantStep 2

Your integration strategy takes shape

From objectives to a concrete approach: your ambition takes shape. In this step, we sharpen the ideas and help concretise the integration strategy and choose tooling.


Objective: concreet maken van de integratiestrategie

Once there is support for the strategy, we start helping you make the necessary steps. From abstract terms, we move to realised products and pathways like demos and Proof of Concepts to make things concrete.

Functionality, scalability, security and agility play an important role here. Beyond technology, we can also help you establish the right governance and project approach in this step.



  • (Technical) proofs of concept;
  • Use case(s) validation
  • High-level integration design;
  • Integration roadmap
  • Prototypes

Smile Emoji Klein TransparantStep 3

The smartest route to results

Together with all stakeholders, we create a roadmap. The perfect preparation for a smooth, successful implementation.


Objective: Project planning in which we go into depth and discuss an approach, scope, work approach and governance with you. In this, we use our integration overviews, project plans and delivery tools (templates and standards).

Crucial in drawing up these plans is clarity on the business goals (when will the project be successful), flexibility in the approach and standardisation of the way of working for each integration.

In this phase, we will also identify internal and external dependencies and advise on how to manage those dependencies properly.



  • Implementation plan including detailing and phases, governance, etc.
  • Implementation light (pragmatic for smaller projects)
  • Implementation complete (full governance for larger and migration projects)

Smile Emoji Klein TransparantStep 4

Realising your business value

After all the preparations are done and the integrations are ready to be implemented, onboarding and implementation can begin to start realising the value of your new integration solutions.


Objective: Implement a scalable, secure and user-friendly integration solution.

After inventory and planning, it is time to start realising the integrations. Our experienced consultants configure and test the integrations. After you have accepted the functioning of the integrations, we transfer the solution with its documentation to management.

Our management experts manage the solution as described in the SLA, taking all the worry out of your hands.



  • Platform Onboarding
  • Customer Enablement
  • Project implementation
  • Assurance & Transfer to Customer Success

Smile Emoji Klein TransparantStep 5


Once implementation is complete, your integrations will be managed by our Customer Success Team. They ensure continuous monitoring of the SLA and proactive follow-up when something may be out of order.

This allows you to focus on your business operations while we take the management burden off your hands.


Objective: Unburdening your IT team, putting the focus for your organisation back on operations by taking the management burden off your hands



  • Customer Success Team (support & beheer)
  • Support Desk
  • Support Portal

What drives us?

You have many applications and systems. And many more will follow in the near future.

To use all these systems to improve your organisation’s agility and be ready for any possible change in both your internal organisational processes and the offerings to your customers, you need the right data at the right time and in the right place. We make these independently designed systems work together. Seamlessly.

Quality, reliability and safety are paramount. We use state-of-the-art tools and methodologies and work according to the strictest norms and standards. After all, integrations are also business-critical for your organisation.