Education ICT specialist Breens Network and Enable U have entered into a collaboration

Effective Cross-Functional Work

Education ICT specialist Breens Network and integration specialist Enable U have entered into a collaboration, as announced by both parties. Together, they make it possible for educational institutions to streamline their operations by seamlessly integrating and securely accessing a large number of educational systems, IT connections, and external integrations (such as DUO) through a single digital environment that is future-proof. For educational institutions, it is important that the necessary internal and external applications and ICT systems are not only secure and of high quality, but preferably also integrated into a central digital environment. This is achieved through the Digitale Campus (Digital Campus) of Breens Network, an integrated platform that enables the provision of personalized and flexible education. Currently, 2 million students and hundreds of teaching staff and administrative departments have access to the Digitale Campus.

Geert-Jan van der Snoek, CEO of Breens Network, stated:

“At Breens Network, we are focused on technological innovation of learning and organizational processes. We see – as an ICT partner in the education domain – an important role for the sector vision of lifelong learning (LLO) in combination with trends related to increased flexibility and better personalization through ICT solutions. With the collaboration with Enable U, we can better support educational institutions in these areas, while also providing additional security and continuity. This can be done from any educational environment.”

Niels Beckers, CCO/CMO of Enable U, added:

“The demand for modern system integrations within education has increased significantly in recent times. Thanks to our collaboration, Breens Network’s customers can integrate their application landscape faster, safer, and more efficiently. This allows us to further optimize the integration of the Digitale Campus into the existing and future application landscape for educational institutions, enabling students and teachers to collaborate more efficiently.”

Seamless integrations

ICT connections and integrations on the Digitale Campus enable educational institutions to seamlessly connect commonly used applications in one digital environment. This includes systems related to scheduling, enrollment (DUO), admissions, as well as student tracking systems. In addition, commonly used systems such as Learning Management Systems (LMS), Student Information Systems (SIS), Electronic Learning Environments (ELO), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Microsoft 365 applications are integrated into the central environment. All these integrated connections need to communicate effectively with each other now and in the future to facilitate optimal education. Breens Network offers the Digitale Campus in combination with the robust integration solutions of Enable U for this purpose. Through this collaboration, Breens Network and Enable U are better equipped to respond to future developments and innovations.