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Water Authority Delfland

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delftland gebouw

Just a few numbers: 178 pumping stations, 743km of sand dunes, 4,325km of waterways, 26 fish passages, 7.5mln M3 of green gas, 165km of sewer, 139,377,621 m3 of cleaned water and 529,400 households.

The Water Authority Hoogheemraadschap van Delfland ensures a safe and clean environment when it comes to water. They make sure the dikes and dunes can withstand every kind of weather and they take care of the right water levels, the purification of waste water and for sufficient clean and healthy water.

Climate, sustainability and health are important themes. All these themes have a huge impact on water management in the Netherlands. To make sure everything is managed and to ensure that we can maintain our level of prosperity for the future, the Water Authority of Delfland uses many high-tech resources and ICT is an important part of this.

Betting on the cloud

Increasingly, civilians and businesses make use of the possibility to report incidents, apply for permits and report activities electronically. In order to do this efficiently, a multitude of applications were implemented in recent years. Early on, in 2017, the Water Authority decided to focus on the cloud in order to meet the challenges they are facing in the coming years. Of course, there is a long transition period in which on-premise applications and cloud applications run side by side and this should never have an impact on the services they are expected to deliver. On the contrary, there must be plenty of room for new developments to meet the high expectations of civilians, local- and state government and businesses.

For example, there must be support for digital identification using DiGID or eHerkenning, data between cloud and on-premise applications and data from third parties (local and central governments) must be exchanged securely and quickly and all this with as few headaches as possible for an IT department that is already working under high pressure.

Peter Blom, (information advisor) of the Water Authority Delfland: “Once we made the strategic choice for the cloud, it was important that we could safely and reliably implement the integration between our Moxio and CenterOne case systems and government systems like DSO (Digital System Environment and Planning Act) a simple way as quickly as possible. With Enable U, we have been able to provide these integrations in a simple way through a central platform.”

Public Tender

In 2017, a public tender was launched and the decision was made to partner with Enable U and acquire these services from the cloud. Fewer management tasks and therefore fewer headaches meant that IT staff can now mainly deal with matters that are specific to the water authority. And in an IT labor market that is currently under a lot of pressure, that is a huge bonus.

“Unburdening” has been something we have strived for from the beginning of our cloud strategy,” says Peter Blom. “Because then we can take control where we used to spend a lot of expertise, money and time on building and maintaining technical knowledge. We have a team of enthusiasts who all want to guide the water authority through the Digital Transition. And if we don’t have to worry about the technical details of our integrations with various systems, it saves a lot of time and energy.”

Meanwhile, the water board uses DSO STRR and STOP links with Moxio, a supplier of solutions for infrastructure management, energy networks and digital control management and with DSO STAM and OLO links with ProcessPro from CenterOne, a provider of services and ICT solutions for local government and SMEs.

Note: Online Omgevingsloket (OLO) will be replaced in the coming years by DSO (Digital System Environment and Planning Act) and for this too the necessary connections of applications and reports has been acquired.

Frank Arts, CEO Enable U: “Hoogheemraadschap van Delfland was one of our first customers of Managed Integrations (or Connections as a Service as we called it at the time). We are still proud that we gained confidence at such an early stage and hope that in the future we can help the water authority to make their Digital Transformation a little more safe and efficient. Unburdening may sound soft, but that is exactly what we want to achieve with our knowledge, people and technology.”


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