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SVHW is a joint regulation for local tax offices with the Hollandse Delta Water Authority and 13 municipalities as participants.

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The world is becoming increasingly digital

SVHW (Partnership for Real Estate Information Tax and Valuation) is also investing heavily in information technology to make its processes more efficient, simpler and more user-friendly. SVHW works together with Enable U on the exchange of data with National Facilities.

SVHW is a joint regulation for local taxes with the Hollandse Delta water board and 13 municipalities as participants. As an implementing organisation, SVHW takes care of the levying and collection of the water board taxes (purification levy, pollution levy, water system levies and road levy) and of the various municipal taxes (property tax, commuter tax, sewerage levy, dog tax, waste tax).

In addition, SVHW handles objections and appeals and informs residents and businesses by telephone, in writing and via the website. SVHW also carries out the tasks and activities (including valuation) for the municipalities around the Real Estate Valuation Act (WOZ Act) and – for a number of municipalities – the Basic Registrations of Addresses and Buildings Act (BAG Act).

Complex processes

Behind these simple descriptions are enormous complex processes to handle municipal reclassifications, new participants and departing participants, reclassifications, objections, the enormous market development of real estate and of course all kinds of privacy and other government regulations that are also regularly adjusted. National facilities play an important role in ensuring uniform services to residents, businesses, local, provincial and central governments. The national provision BAG is one of those sources from which SVHW purchases data and provides data as a source holder. The BAG (Basic Registers of Addresses and Buildings) of the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations is, in addition to the LV WOZ, one of the most important sources to which SVHW and the affiliated organizations provide and use data.

Managed Integration

SVHW has opted for the Managed Integration proposition of Enable U to be able to request the BAG data via the cloud and to pass on mutations. Enable U arranges everything needed to make this (standard) integration work safely, quickly and reliably. As a result, SVHW always has the correct and up-to-date data and can easily distribute it to the requesting applications. This applies to both in-house and cloud applications.

Bram Verwijs, (ICT-coördinator) SVHW): “After the choice was made to collaborate with Enable U, we activated, tested and implemented the integrations together. In addition to the BAG integration, SVHW also uses other Managed Integrations from Enable U, such as an integration to retrieve data from the Chamber of Commerce and integrations between case systems and applications.”

“We have a lot of experience with organizations like SVHW” says Raymond Slot of Enable U. “That is why we can deliver most integrations very quickly and that saves everyone a lot of time, effort and therefore money. The collaboraion was very pleasant from the start and we will do everything we can to ensure that we can continue this!”


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