Case Study

Municipality of Rijswijk

From a technology organization to a management organization with fully managed integrations.

stadhuis Rijswijk

The municipality of Rijswijk is increasingly steering towards Cloud, because they too are more and more using Software as a Service (SaaS).

This means that a target architecture has been formulated, in which the municipality will mainly focus on purchasing functionalities instead of technology. In short, this means that the municipality of Rijswijk mainly wants to become a management organization, working from (technical) partnerships. Therefore they also want to be unburdened in the field of integration.

Be in control

If you are going to carry out your processes from the management organization integration becomes increasingly important. After all, you cannot purchase completely integrated solutions in advance. Koos: “Integration is an important pillar for our target architecture and information access. It is therefore important that we can clearly indicate what our vision on architecture is and what our direction will be for the coming years, taking into account, for example, the VNG or Common Ground. Off course it is just as important to clearly share the vision with partners and integration suppliers.

Fortunately, we can communicate with Enable U very well and therefore have a long standing partnership with the integration specialists. We want to get rid of technology and move towards functionalities. Through the partnership with Enable U, we have been able to completely let go of the integration technology in that sense through Managed Integrations and we are completely unburdened. Though at the same time, we remain in control. This has a positive impact on the entire organizational process.”

Enthusiastic about Managed Integrations

Koos continues: “The municipality of Rijswijk cannot necessarily be seen as an early adaptor, we are not at the forefront of a cloud-first strategy, but in this area we have become one due to the external ICT developments. The big advantage of Managed Integrations is the continuous availability of support, should problems arise. Previously, the knowledge about the architecture, and specifically the complex integration architecture and solutions, was mainly in the head of an external or non-external consultant. But now problems are proactively identified and, where possible, remedied, without us having to do anything with them.”

Rob: “The big advantage is that the Managed Integrations can be set up in a manageable way. In terms of technology, I certainly don’t need any other solution. Integrations and Connections are now always up, that has been different before. I’m happy with how things are going now. Enable U speaks our language, it really is a partnership. And that is also due to the excessive technical knowledge of the consultants, and the willingness to think along. If you put a question to an Enable U Consultant, they always think along with you, if they don’t know, they will always get back to it. I think that’s a really amazing service.”


The chains that the municipality of Rijswijk is managing are becoming increasingly complex, and the responsibility of the supply-management within the municipality is also increasing. It helps enormously when suppliers start working more standardized and that’s exactly what Enable U does with Managed Integrations.

To other municipalities Rob and Koos want to share some advise to closely look at all their connections from an architectural plan. If you have a target architecture in mind and you want to outsource a connections, then you can continue to remain in control from the architecture overview. You can easily explain the purpose of the integration to all stakeholders from the architecture overview. A picture is worth a thousand words.

The future

Koos: “Where possible, connections are realized via the Managed Integrations platform. For example we just finished a connections with Portal living environment. We get it ready, and as soon as DSO continues we turn it on. This also applies to our activity-based information system. For the time being, they are on-premise applications, which we expect to also be verSaaSen.”

“With Managed Integrations we can outsource the integration, so that it runs and is being managed at all times.”


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