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CIBG and Enable U

Confidential data requires trust in your partner(s)

Hoftoren Den Haag

Especially when there is so much information available, its reliability must come first. The CIBG ensures that information, in particular information in the field of healthcare, is shared in a transparent and reliable manner with citizens and healthcare organisations in the Netherlands.

The CIBG is an implementing organisation of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. Thanks to the CIBG , citizens, professionals and organisations have transparent access to reliable information about care and welfare. Examples of the data that the CIBG registers and makes available are the Donor Register, the BIG register (competences of healthcare providers) but also the donor data of artificial fertilization. In addition, the CIBG fulfils the function of a hub for matters such as the healthcare provider portal. This is just a small selection of the over twenty products that fall under the responsibility of the CIBG.

Wealth of data

The CIBG therefore manages a wealth of data and this data must be shared in an unambiguous, secure and accessible way with citizens, professionals and organisations in the Netherlands. And that is a responsible task. This is reflected in the CIBG ‘s strategy, where issues such as user-friendliness, the use of technology, privacy and control of data are important spearheads. The inhabitants of the Netherlands are asking for more and more openness and not only want to be able to check for themselves whether a dentist is competent, but also want to be ‘unburdened’. The Donor Register is a good example of this.

In order to be able to collect, manage and disclose this information, the CIBG uses data from various data sources. To this end, links are made to various (government) systems so that all this data can be retrieved and enriched in an efficient way. In addition, the access to citizens and organizations must of course be done in a safe manner. This often concerns privacy-sensitive information that may only end up with users who are authenticated and authorized. In other words, only when there is absolute certainty that the user is who he/she says he/she is and it has been checked whether he/she has access to that specific data.

High-tech solutions promote dialogue

For this purpose, the CIBG uses, among other things, the high-tech integration solutions of Enable U. API’s are used to retrieve data from the various data sources in a secure and standardised user-friendly manner. API’s are also used to be able to offer data to third parties in a simple and unambiguous way. All API’s are securely managed by CIBG with a state-of-the-art API Management solution from Enable U.

Thanks to this technology, for example, crucial security features are generically available and no longer need to be built separately for each solution. This allows the CIBG specialists to concentrate even more on the dialogue with their customers. In addition, Enable U specialists are regularly called upon to design and build solutions and to carry out management tasks.

Together with the CIBG , we ensure that this organisation can offer transparent and reliable data and information to citizens, professionals and organisations in care and welfare.


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