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Enable U and Adeptia

A business marriage that makes perfect sense.

With a customer base that, for a large part, consists of Dutch central and local government institutions, Enable U is always looking for solutions that help them to build easy, reliable, safe and future-proof digital integrations.

State-of-the-art integration solution

Adeptia was selected around 2007 by Enable U as our state-of-the-art integration solution for the European market. Around 2009 Adeptia came in the picture for the Dutch government sector when Jascha Gregorowitsch, CTO of Enable U, decided that local governments needed a better technology to build new digital integrations in an easy, fast and secure way. The success of the on-premises integrations led to a closer partnership with Adeptia. This success also led to a new product called Adeptia Connect that helped transform on-premises integrations into Enable U’s cloud-based Connections as a Service (CaaS).

Enable U believes that the complexity of today’s IT Infrastructure combined with a digital-first strategy and the move to an API economy drives the need for more high-value managed services to implement the integrations that support business execution. Some organizations do not want to further invest in on-premises or dedicated iPaaS platforms and create and manage digital integrations themselves, considering all the training and governance efforts that are needed. Enable U decided to build a cloud integration platform where all integrations and connections are securely configured, managed and monitored by Enable U for our customers.

Jascha Gregorowitsch, CTO Enable U: “When we initially started with Adeptia more than a decade ago, we started with the development of our “Digikoppeling Extended” solution which supported the Dutch e-business message standard (EbMS) with StUF messages that were based on SOAP/XML with very complex message schema’s (XSD) and interaction patterns. Adeptia was extremely helpful in development of their product to support this Dutch standard. Our Digikoppeling Extended solution is currently still one of our most popular solutions. Since that time, we have been working very closely with Adeptia to improve the product and use it as the basis for our new Connections as a Service proposition which saves customers an enormous amount of time with their integration challenges.”

Enable U’s clients are mostly central and local governments and governmental agencies which means, that many of the integrations are nearly identical with only small differences at the end-points. Adeptia’s “build-once-deploy-many” architecture is of great benefit. At the same time, the solution also had to be able to deal with every outlying and special request for an integration, no matter how complex or unique, and enable it to be built and implemented in a few days or in the worst-case, a matter of a few hours.

Jascha Gregorowitsch: “One of the best features of Adeptia Connect is the way it integrates working with three distinct roles (business user, trading partner and IT User) and how self-service integration is handled. This facilitated our team to serve as the IT user on behalf of our customers and to use reusable integration templates which provide the flexibility and power we need to build solutions for the future. A future in which Connections as a Service (CaaS) will play a very important role. Our clients and prospects are looking for easier and more durable ways to offer, manage and secure their digital connections. With Adeptia Connect as the underlying integration engine, we are able to build new CaaS solutions faster than ever before, and offer them to our clients within days instead of weeks or months. Also, because we can now define groups of users, each with their own unique identifiers, we can bring our “build-once-deploy-many” architecture to a new level”.

Like most other IT companies in The Netherlands, Enable U is always looking for IT talent and especially in the last 18 months, it has proven to be difficult to find experienced, technical people with the skills to build safe, reusable and efficient integrations than can be reused wherever possible. To overcome this challenge, Enable U is now hiring less experienced (but quite ambitious) people who go through an extensive internal training program. To make sure we can handle the requests from our customers, it is extremely beneficial that even less experienced team members can create integrations quickly and Adeptia’s new templates and AI features have already proven to be of incredible value.

Jascha Gregorowitsch: “Adeptia’s features will help not only our expert staff, but also new colleagues with less experience to get up to speed incredibly fast.”

Jascha Gregorowitsch: “Building CaaS connections is something that requires a unique set of skills. Listening skills, combined with technical expertise and the talent to work with generic building blocks are needed to make sure we can build and test new connections faster than anybody else. Adeptia’s unique UI combined with their integration templates and latest AI features will help not only our expert staff, but also new colleagues with less experience to get up to speed incredibly fast.”

Deepak Singh, President & CTO Adeptia: “It has been wonderful to work with the Enable U team over the years. Their implementation of Adeptia integration software to connect businesses and government agencies throughout the Netherlands has rapidly evolved from decentralized point-to-point connectivity to a state-of-the-art SaaS with self-service ease-of-use as the crowning element,” said Deepak Singh. “We’re proud to see Adeptia technology as the foundational integration solution. And we’re excited to see this solution in the hands of the Enable U team of professionals as they expand their business and help thousands of others connect, transact, and manage critical business data.”

Niels Beckers, CCO Enable U: “The market for digital connections and integrations is booming and many of our clients are looking for alternatives to iPaaS or other solutions. With Connections as a Service, we have a unique offering and many of our clients have begun migrating their connections into our CaaS model. We will of course continue to help our customers with whatever integration challenges they may have in the form of iPaaS solutions, Managed Services or otherwise. We are confident that we have the technology and relationship with Adeptia that supports the ambitious growth plans for Enable U in the years to come.”

Since the launch of their CaaS platform Enable U has noticed an almost exponential growth in requests for digital integrations. Many IT managers see this as the next phase in using cloud-based services to make their lives easier, spending more predictable and integrations safer and easier to manage and monitor. As one of Enable U’s clients recently stated: “Digital integrations, no matter if they are based on API technology or other (older) integration technologies, are key to our digitalization efforts. If one integration fails, our business processes fail. Continuity is critical with the integrations that are part of our partner ecosystem. At the same time, every integration is a gateway to critical business systems and we prefer to have a specialist monitor those integrations 24×7 to guarantee service.”

Frank Arts, CEO and founder of Enable U: ”With Adeptia Connect, we not only have a solid basis for our CaaS offering, we also feel that the company and its people are giving us all the support we need and more. This gives us the confidence that we can offer our clients a service that is reliable, safe and will support not only today’s technologies but also those that will appear in the future.”


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