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About us

Innovative specialist in IT integration.
For over 15 years.

We are Enable U, innovative interoperability specialist.

For over fifteen years we have helped numerous organisations to improve their digital services, to save time and money and to create more value.

Through digital interoperability, people and organizations are more connected than ever. Technology has made many services better and improved efficiency. The digital systems and processes that enabled these changes are constantly evolving and can still be more efficient, safer and better. The specialists that make this all possible? Our skilled and engaged Enablers.

We serve more than 400 organisations in the public sector, education, healthcare, telecom and finance. We work in close partnership with our customers and enable their digital mission. That is what gives us our satisfaction.

About us

We make data availabe at the right time at the right place for the right people

As an interoperability specialist, our strength lies in realising and managing working, safe integrations. One point of contact, up to 24-hour support with functional and technical management and a well-functioning value chain.

We are the digital integration people. As thé interoperability specialist, our strength lies in realizing and managing working, safe integrations. One point of contact, up to 24-hour support with functional and technical management. As interoperability specialist, we enable you to multiply the value of (business) data and functions in a fast, secure, reliable way by making it accessible and monetizing it in all applications for all your business partners.

You don’t need to acquire separate ESB and API management solutions, you don’t need to host them, to administrate and manage them. You simply can subscribe to well functioning, well managed, secure Managed Integrations. As a result, each organization can focus on defining better digital services without having to worry about how to wire together all required business applications.

Our Power

Realizing and managing working, secure integrations as a Cloud Service.

This enables both companies and governments to work better together and improve digital processes and services.

We offer a total solution. Not only because information security is taken to the next level, but mainly because organizations are completely unburdened in the field of automated interoperability.

Quality, commitment, result and speed are what makes us special.

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