A very educational API Management User Group Gathering

Layer 7 APIM User Group

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]By Kees Neven, CSO and Founder, Enable U

On Tuesday December 3rd, the first Layer 7 Enable U API Management User Group Gathering was held at the Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam. The User Group, organised by Dutch integration specialist Enable U in collaboration with Broadcom, was set up to share knowledge, exchange ideas and experiences regarding API Management.

With a great turn-up of over sixty attendees, I had the opportunity to open the Gathering with a short introduction about Enable U and to emphasise the purpose of the day; to create an API Management user group ‘for users by users’.

Since Broadcom acquired CA a little over a year ago, users have been wanting to be informed what the decided strategy and development will be for Layer 7 API Management.
Therefore Aran White (Director of Product Adoption Broadcom) presented the Layer7 API Gateway and Portal Roadmap and presented Broadcom’s future strategy for the API Management business.
In short it became clear that the API Management has a bright future under the Broadcom umbrella.

The audience of the User Group had indicated that they have a great interest in the practical implementation of the layer7 API Management solution for a large financial institution.

We therefore invited the Volksbank to present their Use Case. The very engaged attendees had the opportunity to ask many questions, and also to share critical notes. These were addressed in open atmosphere which was highly appreciated. The session was extended to be able to answer and discuss the many questions and critical notes. From my perspective this is exactly what a user group meeting should be like!

After this interactive session we hosted a technical deep dive. The demo by Gary Vermeulen (Client Services Consultant Broadcom) certainly provided to be exactly this. The Layer7 New Technology demo left even the most technical architect dazzled with knowledge.

We ended the User Group with the presentation by Jascha Gregorowitsch (CTO Enable U) and Kevin Rijs (Security Consultant Enable U). They shared our best practices for using the API Gateway. It’s amazing to see what you could do and build by leveraging the API Gateway Technology.

Thanks to the many questions the attendees asked and the practical examples that followed, we look back on a substantive and very educational meeting. We look forward to the next API Management User Group Gathering, which we hope to organize together with more users.

Kees Neven

Kees Neven, CSO and Founder, Enable U